Bolts from the blue

In the BlueChip team you’ll find all the things you’d expect from a world class financial services communication firm … like a net promoter score of 81%. Okay that’s almost unbelievably high. It clearly didn’t happen by doing the same things, the same way, as others in our space do. So what do we do differently? As a client or colleague we’ll tell you what you need to hear (we call this the kind truth), not just what you want to hear. We’re incredibly democratic and we play to our strengths. We don’t carry passengers. Those values are reflected here, where we share insights gained from working with the world’s best financial services brands on their communication. Please join the conversation.

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The Normal Person’s Guide to FoFA & FSI
Australia’s Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms process has had more twists than an alpine road. Hairpin bends involving almost 360 degree changes, plenty of bumps and some scary drops – all while slowly winding up the ascent towards … Nirvana? Not quite. Add to that the Financial System Inquiry (FSI) Interim report released yesterday and you read more
Measuring your content marketing success
  We’re 10 days into the new financial year. No matter when it falls for you and your organisa read more
Digital brand leadership: the new price of a ticket to the game
“Social media isn’t about creating a great brand. It’s about acting as though you already read more
Will content marketing replace BDMs?
A recent client strategy met a somewhat controversial brief: “Create a marketing strategy that read more
Why newspapers aren’t dead Part II: the four rules of integrated communication in financial services
As a recent article suggested, despite the growing number of people who claim ‘print is dead read more
Why newspapers aren’t dead part 1: It’s all about the mix of mediums
After years of hearing the refrain that “print is dead” it was interesting to read comments in T read more
Step Six in making content marketing work for your business
This week we wrap up our guide to transitioning your business to the ‘new world’ of content read more
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