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In the BlueChip team you’ll find all the things you’d expect from a world class financial services communication firm … like a net promoter score of 81%. Okay that’s almost unbelievably high. It clearly didn’t happen by doing the same things, the same way, as others in our space do. So what do we do differently? As a client or colleague we’ll tell you what you need to hear (we call this the kind truth), not just what you want to hear. We’re incredibly democratic and we play to our strengths. We don’t carry passengers. Those values are reflected here, where we share insights gained from working with the world’s best financial services brands on their communication. Please join the conversation.

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Follow through needed on Financial System Inquiry
After over 6,500 submissions, the much anticipated Financial System Inquiry (FSI) report was released last Sunday, yielding 44 recommendations to improve the financial system in Australia and a blueprint to guide policy over the next 10 to 20 years. Speaking at the Centre for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) this Monday, Mr David Murray AO, Chairman of read more
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Online reputation management in financial services
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Building better financial planners: what we can learn from crowdsourcing GPs
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Why content marketing is more than just marketing content
This week’s blog comes from content marketing and communications strategist, Kevin Cain, who h read more
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